7 Best Electric Roasters 2024 – Complete Buying Guide

If you enjoy cooking, but just don’t have the time it takes to use a classic oven for your roasted turkey or chicken, an electric roaster is an ideal choice for you. Electric roasters save you time while also allowing you to prepare delicious meals for your family and friends, and who doesn’t like to be praised and loved like a good chef? If you have doubts about which roaster to get, check out our list and get a better idea.

Best Choices for 2024

 Our Top Picks 


Proctor Silex 32191 18 Quart Roaster Oven

Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Compact design




Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Oven

Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

  • Spacious
  • 3 racks inside
  • Simple controls




NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven

NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven

  • LCD display
  • Non-stick interior
  • Element IQ system



1. Proctor Silex 32191 18 Quart Roaster Oven

Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven



Proctor Silex presents us with a budget-friendly roaster oven that has a capacity of 18 Quart, meaning it can fit a bird of 24 Lb, but that’s not only that. This is a versatile kitchen appliance that you can use as a baking oven or maybe steam vegetables in it. It is also very convenient for cooking stews, broths, and soups, and if nothing else – you can use it to keep your food warm on a buffet thanks to the “keep warm” function. It also has a temperature range of 150-450°F and a tall lid that increases the roasting capacity making it great for preparing food if you are expecting a lot of people for dinner.

This roaster comes with a removable pan and a rack that you can easily lift, so when it comes to cleaning, there should be no problem. It also has a nice stainless steel design making it a nice addition to any kitchen.

The downside to this roaster is that it will not brown the meat so you won’t have that golden crust, but if you are on a tight budget, and do not mind finishing the dish in the traditional oven, this is the roaster for you.

2. Hamilton Beach 22 Quart Oven w/ Self Basting Lid

Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid



Hamilton Beach is a large roaster oven that will ease the task of preparing food for a big crowd. You can prepare amazingly tasty meat. Whether you decide to cook beef, chicken, ham, or turkey, you will get a tender texture with a golden-brown crust. On the other hand, this unit has proved itself useful when it comes to baking pies, cakes bread, or even casseroles, as well as cooking side dishes, soups, and stews, and you can preheat some dishes just before your guest arrive.

The capacity of this Hamilton oven is 22 Qt so it is suitable for about 22-30 lb of meat, and the lid is dome-shaped so it adds a little bit of extra space and keeps the heat inside. Besides the removable rack and pan that can be easily cleaned, this roaster comes with adjustable temperature control making it fun to cook all sorts of dishes.

3. Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven

Nesco 4816-14 Porcelain Roaster Oven



If you are looking for a smaller roaster just for you and a few more people then this oval-shaped, white porcelain-enameled unit might be the one for you. It has a capacity of 6 qt so it is suitable for small gatherings.

The temperature settings allow you to choose from 200°F – 450°F, making it ideal for slow cooking, and chances are you are less likely to burn your hands due to heating elements placed on the side of this unit along with the stay-cool handles. Like most electric roasters, this one too can be used for multiple purposes like roasting, cooking, steaming, baking, and serving. The base of this unit has a “circle of heat” technology that distributes the heat evenly so your meat will be well done and juicy.

The cleaning is no trouble, thanks to the removable parts like the cooking rack with handles and cook-well.

4. Oster Roasting Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid



This Oster Roaster oven can be used, like many others, to roast, bake, cook and warm up food. What separates this model from the rest is a self-basting lid that makes the meat tender and prevents it from becoming dry. You don’t have to use a hand baster since the lid on this roaster is specially designed to keep all the moisture inside and make your turkey soft.

This unit comes with a variable temperature setting so you can control the heat anywhere from 150 to 450 degrees F, and also has a heat indicator so you’ll know when the temperature is right for your dish.  The removable enamel-on-steed roasting pan can easily be cleaned, along with the removable rack that helps you take out your meat with no trouble.

Besides the silver steel casing that will look good in your kitchen, this roaster offers enough space to roast a 26-pound turkey or anything else you might want to prepare in this unit, AND it saves you both time and money (which you can see on the electric bill) since it is 36% more efficient than some other roasters.

5. NESCO MWR18-14 Oven

NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven



NESCO MWR18-14 Roaster Oven is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved meaning it is very safe to use.  What we have here is an 18-quart roaster with a slightly different design. This particular unit comes in white color and has cool-touch handles that you can safely grab without the risk of burning your hands.

As for the temperature range, this roaster has the ability to heat up anywhere from 200 to 450 degrees and it features a heat indicator so you’ll know when the temperature is just right. The thick insulation assures a steady temperature.

The rack of this roaster comes with convenient handles so it can easily be removed. If you choose this oven, you will also get a removable enamel cook-well that is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to waste time washing it by hand.

It is a bit big and heavy oven, but it comes with a very affordable price and great reviews. Find out more about this model in the following video:

6. NESCO Turkey Digital Oil-Free ITR -01-13 Roaster

NESCO ITR-01-13, Digital Infrared Upright Turkey Roaster



Here we have another Nesco roaster, but this one is a bit different than any other on our list. For starters, this roaster comes with a digital control panel so you can set the temperature to your liking, and you can choose between automatic and manual functions. It comes with a digital timer allowing you to set the cooking time and just forget about it while your turkey is being perfectly roasted. You can also choose a 120-minute turkey program that shuts down automatically when time runs out.

Nesco’s ITR-01-13 Roaster stands out from others in design too. When you take the first look, you can see that this is an upright unit. It comes with a removable drip tray and a cooking stand that can be washed in a dishwasher and the non-stick interior of this roaster allows fast cleaning.

This roaster has unique infrared heating elements that rotate the heat around your meat while the center element sends the heat from the inside out allowing your bird to cook evenly on every side and still get that crispy skin. It features a glass lid that allows you to check the progress just by looking at the inside of the roaster.

With the dimensions of 18.7×18.78x=17.95 inches, 18lb of capacity, and stainless steel design, this oil-free roster is perfect for cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and much more, even though it has a little bit higher price.

7. Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven

Sunvivi 18 Quart Electric Roaster Oven



If you are searching for a roaster that is both portable and affordable – look no further. This Sunvivi electric roaster meets the criteria for both of those things. It is very convenient for indoor cooking, but you can also take it outside and cook the turkey (and much else) in your backyard or simply grab it by the cold-touch-designed handles, put it in your car, and bring it along on your field trips.

As for the technical features, this roaster comes with adjustable temperature control that you can set to your needs, anywhere from 150 to 450 degrees and when the dish is done, preserving the heat is easy using a “keep warm” function so you don’t have to worry about the food getting cold before the guests arrive. The lid of this unit has a glass window so you can easily see the food while it’s being prepared.  When it comes to capacity, you have three choices:  18, 20, or 22 qt ovens are available for purchase.

Don’t forget about cleaning the roaster after each use. The Sunvivi brand made that easy with the removable steel grill and pan.

Buyer’s Guide

electric roaster buying guide


When buying an electric roaster, the size does matter. You’ll want to know how much food you can prepare in a roaster, so you can choose one that accommodates your needs. While many kinds of food can be prepared in a roaster, we generally think of them as tools to prepare birds like turkey or chicken. If you take a turkey as a measurement, you should know if the roaster you want to buy has the capacity for it, and how large of turkey it can fit in. For example, a 6 Quart roaster is good for a small family of two people, but if you get one that has the capacity of 22 Quart you will be able to roast bigger birds that go up to 28 pounds.

You should also consider how much space you have in your kitchen, so you can choose a roaster accordingly.


While some roasters come with a knob for setting the temperature, others have preset controls. If you are new to roasting art, presets can help you determine the wanted mode so you don’t burn your meat, but if you know your way around the oven, a model that allows you to set the specific temperature is great for you. It eases the task of following recipes and gives you a lot more control. A good choice would be a roaster that has a temperature control form “keep warm” to 450 degrees F.

Another thing to keep in mind is the power a roaster uses. While some models allow you to cook your meals faster, they DO consume more electricity, so efficiency is a really important factor to consider when buying a roaster.


electric roaster vegetables

If you are going to pay good money for it, you’ll want a roaster that can cook more than just meat. A good idea is to look for a model that can also be used as a toaster oven, a steamer, or as an oven you can use to bake bread or cookies.


This factor is closely related to the previous thing we described – versatility. If you want an electric roaster that can do all sorts of meal preparations and has better features, you should be prepared to pay more money for it. However, if you are on a tight budget or you want to use your roaster only a few times a year (like for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas meal) then a cheaper model is more suitable for you. Generally, a roaster that comes with a price up to 100$ is probably good enough for home conditions.

How to Clean

If you are getting a roaster, it means you want to save time when cooking and naturally, you’ll want the same thing when it comes to cleaning the roaster. Most electric roasters come with non-stick inserts that can be easily cleaned with hot water and soap. If there is too much grease, perhaps a mixture of water and baking soda will do the trick. Always clean your roster after cooking to ensure it will last you longer, but be aware – you should always unplug it and wait for it to cool down.

Frequently Asked Questions

electric roasters faq

Is it better to cook a turkey in the oven or a roaster?

A roaster oven is perhaps a better choice since it cooks meat in less time than a regular oven and delivers a very moist and juicy flavor. However, you should consider using a meat thermometer to make sure your bird is completely cooked.

What Is The Use Of A Self-Basting Lid?

The simple answer is: to capture the moisture of the food. A self-basting lid is a cast iron lid with spiked or ridges on the inside that don’t let the moisture escape the cooking dish to ensure the food is warm, fresh, and juicy.

How much faster is an electric roaster compared to the traditional oven?

Electric roasters can prepare food 30% faster than traditional ovens, saving you a lot of time.

Are roaster ovens worth it?

Roaster ovens are energy-efficient, they don’t heat the kitchen as much and save you time when cooking, so if these factors contribute to your lifestyle needs, then a roaster is definitely worth it.


The fact that you read this article is enough to know that you are interested in electric roasters. All that is left for you to do is figure out what kind of roaster you need, will you be using it frequently or not, and what is your budget. The rest is easy – you have the list of best products before you, so your search for a perfect roaster is much shorter (just like cooking time if you use an electric roaster).

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